Saturday, December 21, 2013

A Plea in Regards to Politics

Recently, I've stopped becoming angry about politics when I read about them...I just become sad.

Dear brothers & sisters in Christ who are following political goings-on,

Insulting the other side (even in a clever, concise catchphrase) does not solve problems (or convince the other side of their wrongness). Pointing out the unbiblicalness of the other side by spewing hate yourself does not have you reflecting Christ's love.

If you disagree with the government and its decisions, pray instead of complaining.

If you disagree with what others say using the Bible, read it yourself. Seriously, cover-to-cover. All 66 books. All 1189 chapters. Then do it over & over again. See if you are doing what the Word says. Remember, you won't be the Judge of who gets into Heaven or get to question others about their conduct, but rather, you will be judged and you will answer for your conduct. See what God wants to do in your life. Then pray for them.

If you have an enemy, pray from them instead of demonizing them.

Seek out ways to incorporate mercy and compassion in your lives. Live out the Word.

Above all, love one another. Pray for one another. Encourage on another.

If we live this out, politics will change. The world will change.

your sister in Christ, Liz of the Niche

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