Sunday, December 8, 2013

Some Days, I'm a Super(human)

Some days, I'm a Super. A Superhuman that is.
I conquer to do lists.
I'm overly-productive.
I can do anything that I need to do without draining my energy.
I have it all together: my marriage, my home, classes, my job, everything.

Some days, I'm a mere mortal.
I get some things done.
I'm a little productive.
I can do necessary things with a drain in my energy level.
I am doing well in all parts of my life.

Some days, I'm a living zombie.
I don't get anything done.
I don't have anything productive to show for my day.
There is no energy to do anything.
I am alive and that is my (low-energy) cause for celebration.

I go through all three states of being each year, each month, each week, sometimes each day.

I thrive.
I live.
I survive.

I'm grateful for resting the day after a day as a Super.
I'm grateful for being alive when I'm a mere mortal.
I'm grateful everyday is not one where I am a living zombie.

We go through these states of being throughout our lives. It's okay to have living zombie days. They aren't fun, but sometimes they happen.

It's not important how epic I am in a day, but rather who I am in Christ, because my identity in Him is secure.

Some days I'm a Super.
Some days I'm a mere mortal.
Some days I'm a living zombie.
All days (since I placed my identity in Christ), I am His. 

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