Friday, April 24, 2015

Working on a God-Sized Project

Sometimes, I feel a little intimidated by our assigned work in Cactus. Sometimes, I get a glimpse of how HUGE this project of developing an program for English as a Second Language students truly is.

I realize that I cannot do this on my own, or even with the help of other dedicated individuals. This is a God-sized project.

Many times, I am not working on God-sized projects, but rather Liz-sized projects. I spend my time on things I can handle, or activities that sorta stretch me but not too far, mind you!

 There are several benefits to joining with God on a God-sized project:
1. I really depend on prayer.
2. I realize that I cannot do this alone (contrary to the American spirit of independence and self-reliance, Christianity consists of dependence on God and interdependence on our brothers & sisters).
3. The work is worthwhile. To do work that has eternal significance is highly encouraging and motivating.
4. He does most of the work. We see Him work and orchestrate events, sometimes before we are even aware that we have the need.

Working on a God-sized project may be intimidating, but it is worthwhile.

Monday, March 23, 2015

Prayer Warriors Needed

Lucas & I are starting up an ESL (English as a Second Language*) program in Cactus, Texas. Our students are immigrants & refugees. Although our students don't have to be Christian to take our English program, Lucas & I recognize, as the program's coordinators, the vital need for all aspects of the program to be saturated in prayer.

We would like for people to commit to praying for the Cactus Nazarene Ministry Center and its ESL program. If you would like to join in praying for the CNMC's ESL program, email us at to ask to be put on the monthly prayer requests email and to receive a prayer prompt guide. (Sorry for those who prefer to get prayer requests in the mail. We are just emailing them out at this time).

Our current needs:
1. Wisdom in planning the budget & financial provision for the program. Due to start-up costs (i.e. one-time expenditures) there are a lot of expensive needs in the first year's budget.

2. Volunteers. We need teachers, kitchen helpers, and child-care providers to make our program possible. By ourselves, Lucas & I could teach up to 20 students, but we are expecting to have hundreds sign up. If you are interested in teaching or volunteering, please email us at to let us know about your interest. If you speak English & want to empower refugees & immigrants, you meet our criteria.

3. Wisdom in choosing curriculum, advertising the program, and other decisions (such as which days & times to hold classes, class size, etc).

4. Future students. Please pray for the students we will be teaching this year.

5. The construction on the ministry center to be completed so we can use it for our English classes.

*Actually, for many of the residents of Cactus, English will not be the first or second language they learn. We met one refugee who speaks 7 languages!! While it is a more fitting name to call our program EFL (English as a Foreign Language), ESL is a more commonly recognized acronym.