Friday, November 20, 2015

I Didn't Want to Get a Cat

I didn't want to get a cat.
I knew the house would smell of litter and their food.

I didn't want to get a cat.
I knew they'd cost a lot to feed & maintain.

I didn't want to get a cat.
I knew they'd get sick & need cleaned up after.

I didn't want to get a cat.
I knew they'd ruin our couch.

I didn't want to get a cat.
I knew they'd infringe upon my sleep.

I didn't want to get a cat.
I knew my life would be simpler & cleaner without one.

I didn't want to get a cat.
I knew they'd cover everything in cat hair.

Yet I got a cat. I got two cats.
Yes, I can smell their litter.
Yes, their vet bills can be pricey.
Yes, we have had to clean up cat vomit.
Yes, our couch has claw marks.
Yes, I lose some sleep because of them.
Yes, life is more complicated.
Yes, cat hair is everywhere.

But I forgot in my calculations, that they bring more than trouble.
A purring cat on my lap serves as a blanket.
Two playing cats bring joy and laughter.
A cat brings companionship.
A cat teaches gentleness.
Even though my life has been rearranged to add in these cats, it has changed for the better.

Now, I do not want to get a dog. :-)

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

The Sunken Realms by Serena Chase: A Review

I read The Ryn.

I read The Remedy.

I read The Seahorse Legacy.

I was waiting and waiting and waiting for The Sunken Realms to be released. Then it happened. I was given an Advanced Reader's Copy of the book in exchange for my honest review.
It took the utmost levels of self-control to put this book down in the middle in order to get a proper night's sleep. 

This book is full of clever sayings and verbal sparring matches. We yearn to see justice serve, yet we are taken through several plot twists that continually change the game. A major theme in the first part of the book deals with overcoming shame & blame for past actions, as well as choosing to love. In the second part of the book, a major theme is learning to work together in marriage as epic, justice-serving pirates!! 

The Sunken Realm is an epic tale. It has all the classic features of a story: clever dialogue, adventure, romance, struggle, fighting, and reconciliation. I loved reading this story & I sincerely hope Serena Chase adds more to this series & delightful world that she has created. 

As soon as I finished the book (took less than 24 hours), I started reading it again.

I highly recommend this book, but you'll need to start with book one to love the characters even more.