Monday, December 16, 2013

Who Says Real Life Can't Have A Reset Button?

I make an effort to send my hubby off to work and receive him home from work with a positive word in his ear. I make an effort for the first and last sentences out of my mouth to be positive each day. Sometimes, reality doesn't match my ideal.

A while back, my hubby came home and my mouth started spewing criticisms. Everything I said seemed negative, complaining-y, or critical. I finally asked my hubby to retreat to his man-cave to escape from my claws.

I sat down at my computer, frustrated that my intentions didn't make it to reality and how childish I acted right when my hubby came home from work. I wanted to redo his return, but life isn't a video game. It doesn't have a reset button. Then it hit me...I could make a reset button.

I knocked on the man-cave door. I asked my hubby to come with me and put on his shoes. I put his lunch box back into his hands and sent him outside to come home again. When he came around the corner 15 seconds later, I greeted him with a smile and a kiss. When he asked me how my day was, I put a positive spin on all aspects of it.

Yes, my hubby had a poor reception when he came home the first time. No, we don't ignore our problems and repaint the world falsely. Yes, we pretended to reset his homecoming and we made an effort to be more positive. Yes, it made our evening backtrack and then get off on the right foot.

Who says real  life can't have a reset button? It's up to you and your spouse!!

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