Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Examining Christ the King Sunday

The last Sunday in the church year is Christ the King Sunday.

The Book of Common Prayer describes it as a time to remember that our first, foremost, primary, and main allegiance is to Christ. Nation, tribe, family, political party, etc. take second place every time.

This is a relatively young holiday in the church year because it wasn't established until 1925, partially in reaction to the rising violence & racism in the world.

Sometimes our lines of allegiance get tangled. Sometimes our priorities get misplaced.

Yet, God trumps my political party. He cannot be limited and contained to only one political party. If I said the Democratic or Republican party was the only appropriate party for Christians, I'd be wrong.

Yet, God trumps my nation. He transcends borders & lines on a map. My nation is not the only location of the church.

Yet, God trumps my family. I hope that my family will support & encourage me in my faith, but if not, God wins.

A yearly reminder that my loyalty & obedience to God is more important than anything else: my family, my job, my country, my political party.

Thanks be to God for this reminder.

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