Monday, December 9, 2013

So Many Causes, So Many Directions

My money is limited, but my passions are not.

When there are so many good things out there, so many projects in the kingdom, what can I do when I can't support them all? (The answer is NOT to avoid doing anything).

What are some of my causes I love and support?

The International Justice Mission...Fight for Justice. Raise awareness, raise money, raise support to end modern day slavery. (It still exists and it's still horrible).

The Living Water International...Work for Water. 783 million people in the world (1 in 9 people) do not have access to clean water. Will I sacrifice my tea, my coffee, my soda to give money to build them wells?

The Advent Conspiracy...Conspire during Advent. Will I change my Christmas from consumeristic to Christ-tastic?

Equal Exchange...Buy Fair Trade foods. Will I pay more for goods ethically produced?

Project Heifer...Buy a Cow for Christmas. Will I give up presents to give means of nutrition and support to others?

10,000 Villages...Buy Handcraft Fair Trade Goods. Will I buy gifts that are Fair Trade (artisans receive a living wage to produce them)?

Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF)...Support Missionary Pilots.Will I further God's work through pilots?

To Write Love on Her Arms (TWLOHA)...Support those with depression and mental illness. Will I stand in support of those with depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts, self-injury, and more?

Support a Missionary. Like us!! (just kidding, only slightly) Will I give to missionaries doing God's work around the world?

What if I shopped fair trade foods year-round (Equal Exchange)? I may need to cut back on luxury items in the stores, but it should be possible.
What if I bought presents from Project Heifer, 10,000 Villages, and MAF each fall & winter? I'm going to buy presents anyway.
What if each Advent, I joined in the Conspiracy? 
What if I helped raise awareness for and participated events for in TWLOHA (around November 13 or February 14 each year I believe)
What if I saved my loose change to loosen chains (IJM) and saved my money for building wells instead of buying soda (Living Water International)?
What if I supported missionaries with my prayers, words of encouragement, and money?

What if, it is possible to support godly ministries with my passion, my words, my money? Will I make that sacrifice?

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