Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Missionaries are Mere Mortals

There's a rumor floating around that missionaries are super-Christians & somehow spiritually above the rest of the mortal Christians. This, dear brothers & sisters, is a lie.

Missionaries sometimes miss or skip their devotionals.

Missionaries sometimes feel empty, dry, or far from God.

Missionaries sometimes lose their tempers and react in anger.

Missionaries sometimes misplace their Bibles.

Missionaries sometimes try to complete things on their own strength and miserably fail.

Missionaries sometimes forget to pray.

Missionaries sometimes don't feel like doing their work.

You see, missionaries are mere mortals. We are sinners still, striving to do God's work. We stumble & fail. We drop the ball. We mess up.

But God is bigger than our shortcomings. He wants willing vessels, not perfect ones (which is good since there are no perfect humans since that Nazarene rabbi a while back).

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