Monday, January 27, 2014

Studying the Book of James

What book of the Bible is your favorite?

Where do you turn for comfort in the Word?

Where do you turn for advice?

I turn to the Psalms for comfort and to the book of James for advice. A while back, I led a weekly Bible Study on the book of James.

Below are the PDFs of my lessons. They aren't perfect, but they might help you dig deeper into the book of James.

James chapter 1-The first chapter of James talks about three main things: what to do when faced with trials (v. 1-4, 12), the nature of God (5-8, 13-18), and the behavior of believers (9-11, 19-27). 
James chapter 2-James has two main points in the second chapter: favoritism shouldn’t be in the lives of believers and our faith & our actions are unable to be split apart (or inseparable). 
James chapter 3-The third chapter of James talks about Tongues (It is incredibly difficult to control the tongue, but we need to daily work towards taming it...even if it won’t be fully tamed until we reach heaven) and wisdom (We need to test “wisdom” that we get to be sure that it’s from heaven).
James chapter 4-James has three main points in the forth chapter: our motives need to be pure when asking for things (v. 1-3), we are to humbly submit ourselves to God and not judge (v. 4-12), and live like tomorrow isn’t guaranteed.  
James chapter 5-James chapter 5 has 3 points as well: the first preaching point is to live justly, point number two is to be productively patient, and the third point is to pray for each other.

I love the book of James. It has so much practical instructions on how to live. I encourage you to read through the book (it's only 5 chapters) and apply its instructions to your life!

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