Sunday, January 12, 2014

Christian Living-Doing Hospitality

I've been doing this hospitality thing wrong. Invited guests never saw the excessive cleaning and organizing that preceded their arrival, nor did they see the many dishes I cleaned up afterwards. That's because I viewed hospitality as "entertaining." So I would fix specialty foods that would take a long time to buy, prepare, cook, and clean.

I wouldn't enjoy the company as much as I could, because I was thinking of the work afterwards.

Liz's new hospitality plan:
-simple foods
-minimal dishes
-accept help when offered
-remember people aren't coming over to see my house's cleanliness, but my hubby and me.

After all, as a believer, I am encouraged to offer hospitality
without grumbling
to strangers
as my common practice

I am very grateful for my previous home. We have a man cave-den-guest bedroom, so we can open our homes to friends and family needing someplace to crash. We have a small table that extends out to welcome many. We have many kitchen appliances to make our food preparation easier. We have a desire to allow people into our home.

For this, I am blessed.

How do you do hospitality? What is your ideal way of doing hospitality?

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