Thursday, September 12, 2013

Unplugging for Sanity

If you are like me, sometimes you get fed up with the internet and computers. They are wonderful & great...but they can be time-sinks and a consistent plan de-railer. I got fed up after one too many times of planning a full, productive, and necessary task-based day, only to fall prey to the internet and my "5-more-minutes" mentality.

So I had my husband change my computer password and his computer password for what turned out to be a 17 day experiment. Each day during the experiment, while he was at work, I had a chosen & preferred internet-free time. When he got home, he was more than willing to log me on, so I could do my computer-based tasks, such as writing church lessons, budgeting, visiting sites, and of course, checking facebook.

I've learned that there are many tasks that need a computer or other technology (like my plan to make a pdf of my loose recipes using a scanner & my computer, or my plan to declutter my computer files, or my plan to email a few friends), but I have other things that I can and should be doing during the day that don't involve a computer.

I'm enjoying having less computer time. I settled into a routine with less multi-tasking and more productivity. I've found time to read books for pleasure and to declutter (another joy-causing activity). My sanity has enjoyed this experiment.

Computers are necessary, but sometimes I forget that computers aren't nearly as vital as I sometimes treat them.

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