Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Idle Thoughts on Idols

Sometimes I move too quickly. I have a list of tasks and I won't stop until they're done. People take a backseat to the tasks on my almighty list. Of all the idols before me, I have worn down the paths to worship at the feet the idols of Busyness, Productivity, and the List the most.
Yet Jesus is my Rest. Jesus is the Carer of the Lost Sheep around me.

Sometimes I am paralyzed with indecision, fear, and hesitation. Typically when I play video games, it's very easy for me to get caught up in the timing and forget to move. I'm trying to time my run to correspond with a high jump of my enemy mushroom (Commander Keen 4) and I just count & watch. I don't play. Sometimes I am too cautious. I creep forward, save, creep forward, save, etc. In these instances, I cower at feet of the idols Caution, Fear, and Indecisiveness.
Yet Jesus is my Strength. Jesus is the Holder of My Hand.

Sometimes I sit empty and drained. I have spent all of me that I thought I could give. I look to the idols of Entertainment, Social Media, and Mind-Numbing Noise to fill me.
Yet Jesus is the way to Abundant Life.

There are many idols available for worshiping, such as the idols of Money, Relationships, Power, Prosperity, Careers, Technology, Hobbies, and more, yet they are a pale comparison to what Jesus can offer in our lives.

The prophet Isaiah pointed out the foolishness of crafting an idol and then worshiping it. We may not make things specifically to worship, but how we spend our time, thoughts, and money shows who we really serve. If we don't serve God, we are against Him. Chose today who you will serve.

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