Friday, September 6, 2013

The Life of Our Dreams

What life do you dream about?

Having more wealth? Having more stuff?
Being surrounded by friends and family for the rest of your life?*

For me, my dream is different.

I dream of doing ministry where God calls us (which is currently Costa Rica).
I dream of living a life with minimal stuff, due to an influence by Miss Minimalist.
I dream of packing lightly on trips, due to the site One Bag.
I dream of community, complete with gardens, shared washers, dryers, snow-blowers, lawn-mowers, and neighbors who talk and share.
I dream of fellowship over meals.
I dream of homemade, nutritious, and mindful cooking.

Now for the hard question...what am I doing to reach the life of my dreams?

We are preparing for Costa Rica, what we will take, what we will leave, what details need addressed, etc. We leave in less than 2 weeks!!
We clean out our closets & possessions. We donate items to thrift shops & shop there ourselves.
I choose lightweight clothes that don't wrinkle easily, no make up or hair care (beyond a brush, shampoo/conditioner, and scrunchies/headbands).
I think of what kind of life we want once we put down roots and how we can achieve it (this is strongly in the dreaming stage).
I invite company over.
I research and plan good healthy meals that are also delicious.

What are you doing to reach your dream life?

*while I love being near friends and family, my husband & I are called to ministry and that can mean a lot of moving, but with technology, we can still stay in contact with our family & friends.