Saturday, September 21, 2013

Minimalizing out of Love

Sometimes it's hard to get rid of stuff, because we're attached to it. It has memories and sentiment covering the item in question.

For me, it's easier to give away such things to a good home.

I knew that when my hubby and I go into missions, there are a lot of things we won't be taking. One of them was the dog pictured beside the adorable little girl in her first big girl bed. (The platypus Lucas and I won during our honeymoon is going with us to another country). I didn't want to store the puppy for many years until we had kids or grandkids to love it. I wanted someone to love it now.

Here I am in my first big girl bed, with my puppy.

And so, I asked a sweet and wonderful gal with a little munchkin if the munchkin would like it. Then I gave my puppy away. It's in a good home now. The munchkin will have many years and many memories with the puppy and I am able to fondly remember my memories with the puppy.

It's easier to give away precious items to someone you know. It's easier to give away precious items to someone with a need.

Sometimes we aren't ready to part with items and that's ok. Sometimes we aren't ready to donate items to a thrift store and that's ok. Sometimes it's easier to give to a friend with a need.

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