Monday, September 16, 2013

Far From the Home I Love

In the musical Fiddler on the Roof, one of the main character's daughters leaves her Russian-Jewish family to move to Siberia to marry the man she loves. "Far From the Home I Love" is the musical number that she sings to her father, explaining why she is drawn to go to Siberia and how home is wherever her love is.

Lucas and I are going far from our homes, the state we were born in, and our country. We are going in obedience to God to where He has called us. Yet we are leaving our family, friends, and home.

We've been packing up, storing, and giving away our possessions. Our house is virtually empty. The walls now echo when we sneeze or cough (not that we're sick, mind you).

We've been saying goodbye to family, co-workers, and friends. Sometimes for the long-term, other times until the next time we get online to chat.

Yet, from prior mission trips, we learned that where the family of God is gathered, that is home for us. So in a way, we are going far from the home we love to a new home we will love.

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  1. Loved this Liz. You mixed your heart, necessary info, a song I love and admire and the Love of God all in one small blog. Go with God! Really liked the part about going far from home you love to a new home you will love and I know that is true. You will find close friendships and be a blessing to Luke and the friends you will make in Costa Rica.God bless you both!