Sunday, September 29, 2013

Giving in the Bible Part 1: God and Giving

Recently, I became curious about what the Bible had to say about giving and generosity. It turns out, there are over 1,500 "giv" (i.e. give, giving, etc) in the Bible.

Instead of summarizing all 1,500+, I decided to find and write on some of the most applicable ones (i.e. the ones related to money and a few other topics). I split the verses into 5 main categories: 1) God/Jesus & Giving (& Others). 2) Giving Relating to God & Man.  3) Giving & Our Attitudes. 4) Thanksgiving. 5) Giving & Humanity. I didn't want a crazy long blog post, so I'm posting this as a 3-blog-mini-series. Enjoy!!

God/Jesus & Giving
Genesis 1:29-30 and 1 Corinthians 1:4...God is a giver.
Exodus 16:29...God gave us the Sabbath.
Deuteronomy 6:6...God gave us His commands, decrees, and laws.
Matthew 11:28...Jesus gives rest.
John 11:22...God will give us what we ask.
John 14:16...God gave us the Holy Spirit
John 14:27...Jesus gives us peace
Romans 8:32...God is our giver.
1 Corinthians 15:57...God gives us victory
2 Thessalonians 3:16...God gives peace
James 1:5...God gives wisdom generously
Acts 20:35...It's more blessed to give than to receive-Jesus

 Giving relating to God & Man
Exodus 13:12...We are to give God our firsts. 
1 Chronicles 29:13-14...Our ability to give comes from God
Matthew 19:21/Mark 10:21/Luke 18:22...Jesus told the rich young ruler to sell his stuff & give to the poor.
Matthew 6:11/Luke 11:3...We are to ask for our daily bread.
Matthew 6:31-33/Luke 12:29-34...God knows we need food, drink, & clothes, but if we first focus on God's kingdom, He will give us what we need. We are to sell our stuff & store treasure in God's kingdom
Matthew 7:7-11/Luke 11:7-13...We are to boldly ask God for our needs & He will give them to us. Men give good things to their kids, and God gives so much more because He is perfect.
Matthew 23:23/Luke's important to tithe (give 10% to God), but it's also important to practice justice, mercy, and faithfulness.

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