Wednesday, January 2, 2013

A Flickering Flame

I've recently taken to burning candles and drinking (even more) tea. As I immersed myself into student teaching, I would often find myself at our dining room table, with books, notebooks, papers, and my computer.

The candle was to provide a pretty scent.

The tea was for peace and energy. (I view tea as a Sabbath in a cup).

Before student teaching, when I would burn a candle, it would only be lit for a short while before I left to do other things and safely blew it out. During student teaching, I would have it burn for hours (with me right beside it, Mom).

I learned something watching the candle's flame (besides that I had a short attention span): Sometimes the flame burns low, but it doesn't burn out. Many times during my hours of lesson planning and grading I thought that I would need to grab a new candle due to an over-taxed lit candle, but the flame kept burning. It came back stronger.

Keep burning, little one!!
 I have a similar rhythm in my faith. Sometimes I'm burning strong; sometimes I'm almost burnt out. All the time, God is with me.