Saturday, January 12, 2013

A Spanglish, Messianic Liturgy

The thought struck me recently that I am really an odd mix of denominations and traditions.

My mom's Methodist.
My dad's American Baptist.
My sister's Southern Baptist.
My hubby and I are Nazarene.

My sister and I attended the Baptist Collegiate Ministry.

My hubby (a Nazarene) went to a Wesleyan University and met me at a Baptist campus ministry.

My roomie and I semi-regularly attended a local Messianic Jewish congregation.

Although I attend a "low church," I secretly (or not so secretly) love liturgy and many high church traditions (once I understand *why* the traditions exist).

My hubby and I will be doing mission work in South America. We're learning Spanish and sometimes sing in our Spanglish.

So I research Spanish; I research the church year; I research the Jewish traditions and history that are prominent in the New Testament.

And it's wonderful, this blending of traditions in my multi-denominational faith. For every church I have been to has worshiped the Father.

Is your faith a mix of different traditions? What type of traditions are present in your faith?

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