Sunday, December 30, 2012

Husbands, Let Your Wives Play (Use) Your Tools

Typically, when my husband and I divide labor, he uses his toolkit and I clean. The other day, we moved our desk from the man-cave and put in a little end table for the TV. My husband opted to arrange the tv and computer and "clean" while I opted to take the screwdriver to the desk.

It was so much fun!!!!!
The dis-mantled desk in all its splendor.

I typically avoid repairs and tools because I don't have a lot of confidence using them. (My least favorite middle school class was the technology shop because I was terrified of all the dangerous machinery). As I successfully removed piece after piece from the desk, my joy and confidence grew.

Look at what I did!! I mis-mantled a desk!!
Husbands, let your wives play (use) your tools! It helps us feel empowered, useful, and capable.