Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Self-Reflection from Married Life

I've been married two years now. Wow. It's hard to believe.

Over the past two years of marriage, I have learned a lot about my hubby, but I have learned even more about myself. Some things were positive, others were not.

1. There are few moments as precious as a long hug.
2. There are few feelings that compare to the joy of seeing my hubby awed by what I do.
3. It's worth complementing my hubby in public.
4. It's my privilege to build up my hubby.
5.  A spouse's dreams are fragile and need lots of coaxing to flourish.
6. Plotting spoilage for my hubby reminds me of why I love him.
7. Although I may be tired, it's worth getting up early or staying up late to care for my man.
8. Sometimes, it's the small things I do, that mean the most to my hubby.
9. We define normal, romantic, and sweet in our relationship. Even if others think we are dorks.

1. I can nag.
2. I can manipulate.
3. I sulk.
4. I have a temper.
5. I can be self-centered.
6. I can be grumpy.
7. I'm not always sympathetic if I can't do anything to help fix his problem.
8. I want sympathy, even if he can't do anything to help fix my problem.

We have a good marriage, but there's a lot of ways that I can make our marriage better. I am grateful for my spouse and am blessed to be his wife.

Here's to many more years of marriage!!


  1. It has been a wonderful two years! Love you both :) mom

    1. It has indeed. Love you too, Mom!

  2. Happy to see you grow individually & as a pair. God bless you both as it just gets better & better.