Sunday, April 7, 2013

Unplugging to Dream

I got fed up with my technology device (computer) yesterday. It was sucking away my time & wasn't producing much joy. So I turned it off. I grabbed food from my freezer & pantry, dirtied pots, bowls, dishes, & measuring unites, and followed a new chicken pot pie recipe.
The Chicken Pot Pie turned out surprising well

I peeked through my new cookbook and dreamed of boldly cooking in season.

I paused to feel & watch the wind hurry leaves & dust along.

I watched steam rise from my tea by the light of a new candle burning.

I watched the room darken as dusk approached.

I journaled this by hand.
I dreamed of following the day's light. Would it be bad to wake up at dawn, wind down at dusk, and sleep at dark night? Wouldn't it be nice to live within walking distance of church, school, store, doctor, and other places? Wouldn't it be nice to know who grows your food & how (s)he raises/grows it? Wouldn't it be nice to have homes smelling of fresh bread & casseroles? Wouldn't it be nice to only eat foods with ingredients you can find in a layman's kitchen? Wouldn't it be nice for kids to play outside, make up games, & create toys? Wouldn't it be nice for neighbors to also be friends?
I took time to dream of how I want my life to be. I didn't change my income, spouse, home, or possessions. I want to go to sleep early & get up early. I want to use my many trips from room to room to get items, to also put items away. I want to restrict time spent on my computer and eliminate worry time. I want to increase the time spent in prayer, tea drank, husband time, from scratch foods, and scripture memorization. I want to live intentionally and fully in God's will.

Isn't it nice to order to dream?

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