Tuesday, August 26, 2014

A Snapshot of Our Time in Costa Rica: Second Quarter

Our time in Costa Rica is quickly disappearing. The knowledge of leaving brings out a nostalgic thread in me, so I've found 20 pictures of our second quarter in Costa Rica.

A rainbow smiles upon SENDAS
We scaled back to 9 hours of Spanish class a week from January through March
We learned how coffee is made & Liz got to try her hand at turning coffee beans in the sun.

Lucas got to see the volcano that he really was wanting to see.

We enjoyed hiking to see the beauty & power of God's creation.
Liz & Luke among "Poor Man's Umbrellas"
These darling parrots like to perch outside the window & squawk us awake in the morning.

Outside the gates of SENDAS with the flags a'flying
Liz & other Spanish students crossed the alligator bridge
Liz saw the beauty of creation in a seaside sunset

Liz & other Spanish students at the beach

Lucas helped survey for a bridge project in an indigenous region.

We joined our church on a picnic
The ping pong buddies at the church picnic
Liz joined the ladies of a Work & Witness team in ministering to women of a local church
Lucas got his hammock from the artisan market
Liz likes to use the hammock too
We reset our visas by helping in a Nazarene school in Nicaragua

Church of the Nazarene: Holiness to Jehovah

Liz learned how to make "gallo pinto" (beans & rice) in the Nicaraguan style


  1. These pics make me smile & smile. So glad to get to see some of your life there. What a great idea to share them with your friends and family!