Wednesday, August 20, 2014

A Snapshot of Our Costa Rican Life: First Quarter

Our time in Costa Rica is quickly disappearing. The knowledge of leaving brings out a nostalgic thread in me, so I've gathered a sampling of 20 pictures of our first quarter in Costa Rica.

Our First Three Months in Numbers:

8 Child sponsor letters translated (Span.-Eng.) by us + 7 more
58 CALL classes in Costa Rica (145 hours)
16 ESL classes (48 hours-ish)
4 video conferencing systems sent + 12 ready to go and organizational system created by Lucas
Testimonies given at the Hollow Oak
Spanish practice outside of classroom at La Paz Waterfall Gardens & the park

Our first view of our home for the next year

Home: looking from our front window out on the campus

Home: The top right side of the building was our apartment

Our first full day at the Seminary, we met our co-workers

In our first 3 months here, we took 15 hours of Spanish class a week!

Our first mountain climb together, with a local youth group, 10 days after arriving in Costa Rica

We tried new foods (shown here is a tamale)

We served alongside brothers & sisters from Costa Rica & the US

A driveway is being put in for a local church

We saw great beauty

We experienced things we've never tried before

We were amazed at the vibrancy & colors of creation

We were astounded by the power of creation

We found a local church family to love & who loved us

These are our friends and coworkers from the Seminary
We served alongside youth groups to help in communities in Maximum Missions

The work crew for Maximum Mission

Lucas repaired video-conferencing equipment throughout our year here

Our first ESL class. We had 2 students in Basic 1

The Spanish Students on Certificate Day!


  1. Loved all the photos! So excited to see some of the places you all introduced us too when we were there. Happy times. Nice job of organizing.