Monday, July 21, 2014

Things that Change, Things that Stay the Same

            Well, we’ve been in Costa Rica just over ten months now. I got to thinking (all the time) about these past months and how it’s affected me.

Things That Have Changed:
1. I am less time conscious as I go to sleep when I’m tired (typically 8 or 8:30pm) and wake up when I’m done sleeping (typically 5:30 or 6 am). My day is not dictated by alarms or bells.
2. I am the early riser in our household. I’m getting up at least an hour (if not more) before Lucas each day and he’s staying up at least an hour than me each night.
3. My speaking has slowed down. I have trouble fully expressing myself as my sentences have more errors, more mispronunciations, and more stammering. Many times, I know the words I want to say, but I can’t express them with my “gringo-mouth.”
4. Our meals are centered around rice, beans, chicken, and fresh fruits & veggies.
5. I stopped making menus (since I am keeping the basic staples well stocked).

            Things That Have Stayed the Same:
1. I make lists & follow them.
2. I learn best through seeing words & studying the books.
3. Lucas is still the more social one of the two of us. 
4. I plan for the future & try to maintain routines.

While some of my behaviors & patterns have changed, my core personality has stayed the same. It's hard to believe that we've been here so long & that we only have two months left.


  1. Interesting whats it like out there in costa? come share some words.

  2. It is beautiful & awe-inspiring. Here's 2 blogs in a 4 part series with pictures & captions.