Monday, June 2, 2014

Two Ways to Clean (your) House

There are many books on cleaning and organizing out there, but what if you don't want to spend money on a book and you just want to learn a quick method?

I've have alternated between these two methods as my apartments change and I like them both.

Method 1: Thematic.
Pick a cleaning appliance and use it all over the house. (Note: this works better when you have a larger house. No need to drag the vacuum cleaner out every day.)
On Monday, you can dust all the house.
On Tuesday, you can vacuum all the rooms with carpet (trust me, do this after you dust).
On Wednesday, you can sweep or mop the remaining rooms.
On Thursday, you can take out the trash.

Method 2: Room by Room.
Pick a room each day & clean it. (Note, this works better if you have 6 rooms or less, so you can observe a Sabbath).
On Monday, you can clean the kitchen.
On Tuesday, you can clean your dining room.
On Wednesday, you can clean the living room.
On Thursday, you can clean the bathroom.

There are daily chores that still need done, such as doing the dished, picking up stuff left around the house, and taking care of messes before they are harder to clean, but it helps me to have an over-arching goal for each day, whether it is to clean a room or to clean the house with one appliance.

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