Friday, June 13, 2014

I Don't Feel the Sun

I don't feel the Sun.
I know I am supposed to,
But I don't. 

Some days it is easy to feel the Sun.
The day is cloudless.
The breeze is gentle.
The Sun warms me as I bask in Its glow.

Other days it's harder.
The day is cloudy.
The wind is violent.
I feel cold, alone, and abandoned.

Logically, I know the Sun is still there.
My evidence is I can see things outside.
Logically, I know this is just a phase,
The light & warmth will return soon.

Yet, my heart is aching
Because I don't feel the Sun.
I shiver & glance upwards,
But I don't feel It.

Sometimes, I see evidence that others feel the Sun.
I see evidence of the Sun in nature & behind clouds,
But I don't feel It right then.
I yearn to feel the Sun again.

Yet, somehow, I know that I'm no longer talking about the Sun. I'm talking about the Son.

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