Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Singing the Praises of...Tyndale Rewards

Tyndale Rewards is a program that I love and want to share with you.

Tyndale is a Christian book company & Tyndale Rewards is a program what you can earn points through activities and then "cash" in your activities for real (i.e. tangible) books.

Ways to earn points (consistently, each week or month):
1. Send a Tweet, or 5! 5 tweets a month equals 50 points a month!
2. Review a book. You can submit 5 Tyndale book reviews a month for a total of 50 points. You can review the same book on,, Christian book distributors, etc.
3. Join the Focus Group for 25 points per survey answered. *Note: Surveys are very rare to get.*
4. Refer friends with your own special link. Your friends will start with 25 points & you will get 10 points per successful friend referral. 

Ways to earn points (1 time only)
1. Sign up with the link above. You'll start with 25 points & I get 10 points for referring you.
2. Take the Bible Survey for 15 points.
3. Sign up for the e-newsletter or e-devotional for 10 points (total, not per devotional).
4.  Take the e-reader survey for 10 points.
5. Join the Birthday Club for 15 points AND get a free downloadable on your birthday.

I've been a member of Tyndale Rewards for just over a 1 year now. In this year+, I have "bought" 13 books. Some for myself, some for Christmas presents. I earned an average of 70-ish points each month to "buy" 875 worth of points. It is possible to earn 100 each month by sending tweets and writing reviews.

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