Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Refine me, Lord

Refine me, Lord.
Through the fire, refine me.
Through the pain of burning dross, refine me.
Through eradicating my ungodly habits & interests, refine me.
Refine me Lord.
Replace my self-centeredness with You-centeredness.
Replace my desire for more stuff/money/security with a desire for more generosity & eyes for Your people.
Replace my complacity with passion.

Silence me, Lord.
Silence the songs, the shows, the lectures, the memes, the traffic, the books, and the noise, so I may hear You.

Refine me, Lord. Remove my barriers of protection & defense.
Remove my safety mechanisms & masks.
Uncover my secrets hidden in the dusty corners.
Then show me Your Love.
Show me my ugly parts & burn them away.
Cut them out.
Implant Your characteristics & desires.

Replace my worldly desires with Your heavenly desires.
Replace my time-wasting activities with God-fearing, God-pleasing ones.
Open my eyes beyond myself, my problems, my family/church/job, to the lives of my brothers & sisters around the world.
Help me to be faithful in prayer to lift up the needs of the persecuted church & the church suffering from apathy.
Bring unity among all believers, an unity that transcends gender, political party, denomination, opinions, and nation.

Reawaken our desire for Your word & to know Your will.
Help us to desire, not the comfortable wealth & opulence of the American church, but to live Your words out.

Help us to see the need for change, to desire it, & to embrace it.
Help us to speak words of encouragement, support, & love to each other.
Heal the hurts we have inflicted on each other; fill us with remorse for causing these hurts.
Give us courage to seek out reconciliation.

Thank You for Your word, Your Son, Your grace, Your mercy, & Your salvation.

Help us to seek fellowship, community, & a life different from the world's.
Replace worldly desires with Godly desires.
Replace greedy consumerism with generosity.
Replace selfishness with selflessness.
Replace hate with Love.
Replace fear with peace.
Replace mindlessness with mindfulness.
Replace me with You.

Written prayers from BCM's Light the Fire event (Feb. 22nd, 2014)

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