Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Why I Don't Know My Facebook Password

I typically consider myself quite self-disciplined...until it comes to technology.

If my computer is open, I obsessively check my email. Every single time I walk past my computer.

If I have internet access, I am on facebook, gmail (twice with two accounts), and online all the time.

Sadly, if I know my facebook password, I am on facebook.

In the past, whenever I need to be productive, I asked my hubby to be in charge of my facebook password since I couldn't trust myself to not obsessively check facebook when I hit a tough spot in my work. Student teaching was too important to trust myself with my facebook password. I would check it once every few days after my work was done and I was happy.

What about now? I still can't trust myself with my facebook password.

I honestly prefer not knowing my password. It removes the temptation to play on facebook instead of settling into work. My hubby will log me on when I ask (with the understanding of only once or twice per day).

When I don't know my password, I am not as strongly tempted to continually check facebook. I am not limited by this restriction, I am freed.

I would love the self-discipline to manage my own password, but it doesn't work, especially when I'm dreading a task.

I don't know my facebook password because then I can be on facebook on my terms with my boundaries, instead of feeling like I am controlled by a website.

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