Monday, June 10, 2013

Marriage Resources

I am still learning what marriage means (after all, I've only been married for 2.5 years). Learning from those who have more experience, who have gone before, is something I highly value.

So many people out there have a negative word to say about so many things: marriage, pregnancy, future plans, etc. These people will write off optimism as ignorance and some will see it as their duty to pop bubbles of "unrealistic" dreams. I don't like such advice, however well-meaning it may be. I want people to share in my joy, to give words of encouragement, to help me over rough patches. It is important to warn of danger spots and signals, but it's also important to share positive memories and words of encouragement. Believers, there are enough naysayers in the world. We need joy-sayers in our lives.

I just wanted to share some of my favorite books, websites, and resources relating to marriage. These resources have definitely helped me and I wanted to pass them on to y'all.

The Dating Divas: When I want a fun date with my hubby, I typically visit this site instead of attempting mental gymnastics. I adapt dates to suit us. The wonderful thing about this site is that it has a collection of dates for MARRIED couples.

Romancing Your Husband: This is one of my favorite all-time books. It challenges my assumptions and gives me ways I can improve myself. You can read 2 prior blog posts on this book here and here.

Love and Respect: This is another one of my favorite books. The author teaches how women need to know they're loved above all else and men need to know they're respected above all else. He backs up his ideas with Scripture.

5 Love Languages & Apology Languages:  You give & receive love best in certain ways. Your spouse gives & receives love best in certain ways. What are the best ways to show love to your spouse? (Take the quiz & have your spouse take it too in order to learn theirs). What actions/words are the most hurtful to you and to your spouse? (Based on each love language, there are things that are more hurtful than other things. i.e. words of affirmation people find criticism hurtful). Additionally, there are languages of apology. Learning your spouse's (and your) apology languages can shed light on disagreements over apologies. Did I mention, both quizzes are free?

Bible: When in doubt, go to the source. It has instructions on Christian living (for households) and romantic poetry in the Song of Songs/Solomon.

What books and resources have had the biggest impact on you and your marriage? What thoughts have shaped how you view marriage?


  1. Liked this blog. Especially Bible as a source & Love Languages.