Thursday, June 20, 2013

Did You Inquire of the Lord?

God really delivered the Israelites from some fierce and powerful enemies. They called on Him and he delivered.

Yet a few places in Scripture, the Israelites figured they had it sorted. They could handle it on their own. They did not inquire of the Lord.

In Joshua 9, the Israelites took some ambassadors at their word and made a peace treaty with them. They didn't inquire of the Lord and were unable to follow His directive to fully clear the Promised Land. God would have seen through the deception, but no one asked Him.

In 1 Chronicles 10:13-14, when Saul's death is described, one of his wrongs he committed was not inquiring of the Lord.

In 1 Chronicles 15, the first attempt to bring the Ark of the Lord into Jerusalem is a disaster, because no one inquired of the Lord, to see how He wanted it done. The second time was a success because people did inquire of the Lord and followed His instructions.

In my life, I have a tendency to consult God on my BIG problems, you know, the ones I can't handle on my own, but I handle all my small problems.

That isn't what God wants. He wants us to inquire of Him, often and frequently. Over big decisions and small decisions. Nothing is too big for God to handle and nothing is too small for Him either. He wants to be your first "go-to" person, in the event of a crisis or dilemma.

If life seems to be conspiring against you, may your first question be "Did I inquire of the Lord?"

And may your answer be "Yes."

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