Saturday, June 1, 2013

Are You to be Avoided?

Time and time again, the Scriptures tell believers to avoid quarrels and arguments, as well as people who breed quarrels and arguments. (See here and here).

The Scriptures also tells us to NOT be quarrelsome. (See here and here).

We aren't supposed to chase controversies and split hairs. (See here and here).

I searched through the New Testament looking for passages giving instructions on Christian living passages. Time and time again, Paul and other writers warn believers to avoid quarrelsome people and avoid quarreling themselves.

I got to thinking (uh-oh). Do I behave in a way that others believers should avoid me or is my conduct pure? Do I act in such a way that *I'm* quarrelsome and to be avoided? Am I a quarrelsome wife that eats at my hubby like a dripping faucet or that makes it preferable to live on the roof or in the desert? Or am I someone who overlooks an insult, who doesn't constantly bring up controversies?

Sometimes love is losing (or avoiding) an argument and saving a friendship. Sometimes starting a quarrel is like breaking a dam (see here). Sometimes winning a fight is missing the point. Sometimes I need to swallow a comment or let a comment roll off my back in order to not be quarrelsome.

(Side tangent) I first wrote this post in a hard-copy notebook. My first draft included spots for hyperlinks, much to my hubby's entertainment.

Are you to be avoided based on a quarrelsome attitude?  What needs to change to change this behavior? (a hint: always look inward before looking outward).

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