Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Managing Time

Time is an awfully important thing to manage correctly.

And time does not discriminate between nationality or wealth, but everyone gets the same hours, minutes, and seconds in a day.

Sometimes I'm productive with my time.

Other times...not so much. Such as the day when I spent 2+ hours reading comic strips online.

I've started applying a new principle to my time. "If I have time for _____, then I have time for ______."

For instance, if I have time to devote on facebook, then I have time to pack my husband's lunch.

If I have time to fix a dessert, then I have time to make supper.

If I have time to bake, then I have time to do the dishes after.

Apparently, as I type this, I'm hungry, since all my examples involve food.

But if I have time to craft for pleasure, then I also have time to clean my toilet.

I admire that my hubby can work hard all day and then relax at home for 30+ minutes before tackling a chore. I come home from work (a shorter work day) and dive into chores to earn free time at the end of the night. So it's a big deal for me to relax my plan and take time for something fun first...but if I have time for the fun, I need to make time for the necessities.

For a while, I was spending so much time on facebook that I wouldn't have the energy to pack my hubby's lunch before bedtime. Now I can spend time on facebook, but before I can get in bed, I need to pack lunches. That provides enough mental motivation to get me away from the computer after my bout of relaxation.

What are your strategies for managing time? What works for you? What doesn't work?


  1. There are always things trying to get our attention and our time. I struggle to make the time and energy to exercise. Mom