Friday, November 9, 2012

How To Entertain Your Nerdy Husband

Step 1: Remember a fun experiment you did in high school, after seeing a pintrest video (shown here).
Step 2: Research the ratio needed for the experiment (corn starch and water). 2 parts corn starch to 1 part water.
Step 3: Show the video to nerdy husband.
Step 4: Mix up your own gloop/oobleck.
Step 5: Bring him in and let him play!!

Gloop/oobleck is a colloid. It has some properties of a solid and some properties of a liquid. If you strike the surface, it's hard (like a solid). If you rest your hand on top, it sinks (through a liquid). If you grab some, it's like a solid, but if you hold it, it flows out.

Like A Solid
Like A Liquid

Handsome Hubby is Experimenting

Yet Solid

It was a hit. Plus the concoction washes off really well (as soon as you add enough water, the mixture dissolves). You can color the concoction, but it'll color your hands.