Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Crafty Liz

I love a good craft.

Crocheting in movie theaters.
Cross-stitching watching tv.
My First Ever Cross-Stitch

Latch-hooking to music.
My Orca Latch-hook

Sewing in silence.
My pixie skirt!!

To me, crafts are tied to community. Who taught you how to do a craft?
  • Crafts are homey. Crafts turn a house into a home.
  • Crafts are clever. Crafts call forth creativity.
  • Crafts are inspirational. Crafty people see a cute thing at a store and think "I can make that!"
  • Crafts are engaging. Sometimes I fidget. Crafts help me to channel fidget-ness into a scarf. Nifty, right?
  • Crafts are relaxing. There's nothing like unwinding to a craft you love after a long day.
  • Crafts are unique. Buy a person a tie and they might wear it. Make them a cross-stitch and frame it and its beautiful-uniqueness might make it into their decor. Crafts make great gifts and bring forth fond thoughts of the one I'm making the gift for.

What are crafts you enjoy?
Who taught you how to do it?
Why do you like crafts?


  1. I love to do crafts too! Mom

    1. I learned the love of crafts from you. :-)