Saturday, October 13, 2012

Secular or Sacred?

One of my campus ministers once asked a group of students if a sunset was sacred or secular. A debate ensued.

This is technically a sunrise. :-)

The distinction that my campus minister uses is a fairly simple one. If something brings glory, honor, or respect to God it is sacred. If it does not glorify God, it is secular. If your thoughts are directed toward God and His awesomeness, it is sacred. If your thoughts are directed in other directions other than positively toward God, it is secular.

For me:
Sunsets, sleeping babies, mountain scenes=sacred.
Overly violent/cursing/sexual movies, arguing people, and dark stories=secular.

What things would you classify as sacred?

What things would you classify as secular?

Will everyone's list be the same?


  1. I agree that what helps you focus on God is sacred. I don't think everyone s list will be the same because each person approaches God as a unique individual. Mom

    1. Thanks for your thoughts! I like them!