Saturday, September 29, 2012

The Sound of Silence

Sometimes I'm loud. Sometimes I'm quiet.

Some view silence as their mortal enemy. Others view silence as a dear friend.

Silence can be unnerving. Images of inward introspection, self-reflection, and uncomfortableness come to mind.

Yet, how can God speak to us if we don't have silence?

I used to be surrounded by constant noise. I woke to an alarm, got ready to music, drove to the radio, walked to a mp3, studied to academic lectures and music, and sang to fill the time when I completed chores. If I didn't have music on, I would call people and talk.

Constant noise. No need to evaluate my life, just turn up the noise.

Now, while I still wake up to an alarm, sometimes I drive without the radio and work on chores without noise. When I'm home alone, it's ok to have silence. I don't have to sing, talk, or listen to music. Sometimes, I can just think silently or pray. When I'm preparing fruits and veggies, I don't always have noise, but I do have peace.

My benefits of silence: Silence gives me...
1. Time to think
2. Time to evaluate
3. Time to pray
4. Time to be still
5. Time to be lost in a daydream
6. Time to listen

My benefits of not-silence:
1. Noise muffles a negative inner voice
2. Noise transforms a fear of home alone into a dance party
3. Noise expresses joy
4. Noise changes a boring task into a celebration
5. Noise communicates with the world
6. Laughter

There's a time for silence and a time for noise. There's a place for music and a place for the sound of silence.