Saturday, September 22, 2012

Company in the Late Nights

Sometimes, late at night, after my hubby has gone to bed, I have a guest. She's not a normal guest; she's not even really in my house. She's the Proverbs 31 woman.

I've been learning from her about the definition of a good wife:

-a good wife has her hubby's confidence and provides for him (verse 11)
-a good wife brings good, not harm, to her hubby (v. 12)
-a good wife makes clothes and craft projects (v. 13, 19, 22, 24)
-a good wife gets the food (v. 14)
-a good wife gets up early and makes food (v. 15)
-a good wife spends *her* money for the good of her family (v. 16)
-a good wife works hard (v. 17)
-a good wife sells some of what she makes for the family's profit (v. 18)
-a good wife stays up late (v. 18)
-a good wife cares for the poor (v. 20)
-a good wife provides clothes for her household (v. 21)
-a good wife acts in such a way that brings respect to her hubby (v. 23)
-a good wife is wrapped in strength, dignity, laughter, wisdom, and the Word (literally Torah) (v. 25-26)
-a good wife is aware of her home's business (v. 27)
-a good wife is not idle (v. 27)
-a good wife earns the praise of her children and hubby (v. 28-29)

The wife of noble/virtuous character is the "chayil" woman (that's the Hebrew word used in the passage). She has strength, ability, efficiency, and wealth.

When I am weary and wanting to waste my time, she reminds me of why I love my hubby and why I would want to get up and tidy the house or pack his lunch.

She teaches me the meaning of selflessness and grace. She sets a high standard and encourages me to follow. So when my hubby goes to bed while I bump around the internet, but he wakes up to find his lunch packed, laundry folded, and house wasn't just me, it was also the company I keep: the Proverbs 31 woman.