Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Removing the Scum

I drink a lot of tea.

I always rinse my cup between tea flavors or between days, but I don't give it a thorough cleaning or scrubbing often.

Scum builds up. Yuck.
My dear and stained "tea" mug

It stains the inside. It stays so long that it seems to be a permanent stain.

With a little elbow grease, most of it comes out. There's some wedged in the seams, but the cup looks practically new.
The cleaned area and the stained/scummy area

Likewise, in my life, sometimes my heart gets scummy. Sometimes I don't rinse my sins in the blood of the Lamb* often enough. Sometimes the scum seems to become a part of me.

With a little humility and quality time with God, it comes out. Fresh and pure.

*Jesus is considered the "Lamb of God" and by Jesus living a sin-free life and dying for our sins, we are cleansed.


  1. Good thoughts. Love mom

  2. Great analogy. The "scum" accumulates so gradually sometimes, that our hearts and minds are covered, or at least dulled, without even realizing it, and we tend to accept it as "normal." Even the busyness of daily living can contribute to the build-up. Dad G.

    1. Thanks for your thoughts, Daddio! It takes conscious work to keep our hearts in the right state.