Friday, August 31, 2012

From Scratch

Mmm-mmm good. I'm not talking about that mass-produced, full of preservatives food. I'm talking about good home-cooked (from scratch) cooking. Tasty!!

I'm a big fan of from scratch cooking. It's a point of pride that my hubby prefers some of my homemade alternatives to mixes and packaged foods.

Up until this fall, I have worked part-time, but have also been a full-time student. How did I make home-cooked meals?

I planned ahead. I made menus and shopping lists and only cooked once or twice a week. The rest of the times, we ate leftovers. I also don't have kids, only do laundry once a week, make use of my slow-cooker, and don't watch a lot of tv. I worked with computers all day, so when I came home after a long day of school, studying, and work, I was alright not being on facebook or the internet.

This is my busiest semester yet. How am I making home-cooked from scratch meals now?

Freezer cooking. I am cooking once a month and freezing large quantities of food. I will then thaw things out in the fridge to pack for lunches and eat for supper. I am counting on my hubby to help me with grilling (cuz that's men's work??) and clean-up.

Now we do buy some canned, frozen, and packaged foods. We do eat out sometimes. But the majority of the time, I like to cook and do my own thing.

Hubby and I are going into missions. Which means we might go to another country. Which means I may not have access to all my instant foods and mixes. Which means I may be doing a lot more from-scratch cooking in the future. So now is a season for me to prepare, learn, and gather use when I won't have access to bisquick.

I don't think a cookbook should publish a recipe that will make cheesy biscuits that require cheese and a tube of biscuits. Seriously. Teach me how to make it from scratch instead.

Personally, I find the kitchen relaxing. I've learned that I really enjoy preparing fresh fruits and veggies for eating, even if I'm home alone, working silently, with no music. The smell of home-made breads and the joy of a hubby liking home-made foods better than their store-bought alternative keeps me going.

So make some mashed potatoes from real potatoes. Roll out the biscuits like mama used to make. Prepare a feast of from-scratch home-cooked goodness. Then invite me over. Or a neighbor, or a college student, or a lady from church. Good food is meant to be shared.


  1. Look how much you have grown :).

    1. Why thank you! I had great parents and people who taught me new things.