Saturday, August 11, 2012

4 Years Ago to Today

As the fall semester is quickly approaching, I got bit by the nostalgia bug and went into a state of self-reflection. Where was I four years ago? How had I changed over the past 4 years? Did I expect to change in this way? 

I never thought I'd travel to a foreign country and love it so much. I never thought that I would be comfortable flying. I never thought that I would share my testimony and sing in front of people. I never thought I would get married before I graduated. I never thought that I would stop being a vegetarian. I never thought I would de-bone a whole chicken. Yet I did all these things and am better for completing these tasks.

4 years ago, my school/summer job was life-guarding (I thought I would never stop guarding, but I stopped getting re-certified).
Today my school/summer job is computer lab consultant (I never thought I would be someone helping others with computers).

4 years ago, I was a Christian of the Methodist variety (apparently Methodist is "high church").
Today, I'm a Christian of the Nazarene variety (apparently Nazarene is "low church") (see Following the Church Year for more details on high and low church).

4 years ago, I was preparing for my first semester of college (and couldn't predict how much I would love it).
Today, I'm preparing for my student teaching experience (and can't predict what my experience will be like).

4 years ago, I was single and satisfied (No boyfriend for Liz-o).
Today, I am married and satisfied (No boyfriend for Liz-o; she's married).

4 years ago, I was a vegetarian. (I was a veg-head for about 6 years: start of freshman year of high school until mid-way through my sophomore year of college. I thought I would be vegetarian for the rest of my life).
Today, I eat what people put in front of me (and what I make myself).

4 years ago was an election year (ugh...politics).
Today, we are faced with another one of those (ugh...politics).

4 years ago, I could say I've been to Jamaica on a mission trip (mission  trip-completed).
Today, I can say I've been to Jamaica, Florida, California, and Uruguay on mission trips (when's my next one??).

4 years ago, I thought God was joking about calling me to missions (very funny, God).
Today, I realize that He's quite serious (oh, that wasn't a joke.).

4 years ago, there was no talk of e-readers (people who read e-mails??).
Today, I own one (with 1400+ books).

4 years ago, I bought textbooks from the official bookstore (cuz they're the bookstore. You're supposed to buy books there).
Today, I buy textbooks used online (except not this semester, no textbooks for Lizo)

4 years ago, I exercised by swimming and doing karate (and I unintentionally threatened people by mentioning I had karate skills).
Today, I do zumba! (and recruit friends to join too)

4 years ago, I didn't want to learn a new language, in case I learned the "wrong one" (i.e. if I learned German and then moved to India).
Today, I'm learning my second language and if it's God's will, I'll learn more.

I've learned many things throughout these 4 years, such as:
-My identity is not restricted to what I eat; my identity is in Christ.
-The old hymns (over 100 years old) are my favorites.
-I can share my story, my faith, and God's love.
-Back pain is not fun, but friends are there to carry anything heavy that I try to carry.
-Ice cream and Stargate:SG1 can make the day seem better.
-Friends are worth early mornings and late nights.
-I've learned about managing money...mostly through experience and experimenting with shopping at different stores.

How have you changed over the years? For better or for worse? Did you reach your initial goals or discover new ones?


  1. You have come a long way,baby! The future is full of endless possibilities for you and Lucas. Mom

    1. Mom, thanks! You and Dad certainly helped to shape me into who I am today.

  2. Liz, I just love you lady. You are an inspiration and excellent role model for so many people. You light up every single room you enter and I hope that someday if I get married I can be a wife like you are to Lucas. Continue to do God's work and I know you'll be happy the rest of your days :)

    1. Summer, you bring joy into my life and made my day with your comment.

  3. A lot of changes in a short amount of time for sure. So glad you are in our lives (and glad to have been present at your first "chicken bone pickin'" experience). Can't wait to see what your next four years bring. Love Ya! Dad G.

    1. Gary, since I didn't predict accurately from four years ago to today, I'm not trying to predict where I'll be in four more years, but I look forward to seeing what God has planned. Thank you for all your help and guidance.