Saturday, August 4, 2012

A New Sort of Frozen Meal

OAMC (once a month cooking). Freezer cooking. A giant challenge I have accepted. From June through November, I will be cooking once a month and then freezing the tasty tidbits for suppers and lunches over a month. And I'm excited.

I'm health conscious. I know fast foods and eating out isn't good for my waistline or budget, but I do need to eat each day.

I won't have time or energy most of the fall semester for cooking at night, so I'm planning ahead. Way ahead.

I'm not fond of store-bought frozen meals, so for the rest of this year, I'm making and eating my own.

I'm excited about the potential this idea has.

Let's say a friend is sick, or in the hospital, or just had a baby. I have pre-prepared foods I can send her way.

Unexpected company? Let me pull something out of my freezer and get it thawed!!

Bored with yesterday's meal? Thaw out a new one!!

Planning ahead with my meals promises to offer me greater freedom, flexibility, and ways to minister.

Let's get the freezing on.


  1. This is a pretty neat venture! I will be anxious to hear your thoughts once the semester gets started. Mom

    1. Thanks!! I'll do my best to post a mid-term update and will post an after the fact reflection on the joys of once a month cooking. :-)