Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Saved, Sanctified, Set Free

"I've been saved, sanctified, and set free."

Sometimes I enjoy taking common "Christianese" phrases and translating them. What do I mean when I say a phrase like the one above?

I am saved...God has rescued me from danger, harm, or injury. He kept me safe, intact, unhurt, and preserved. He kept me from being lost.

I am sanctified...God set me apart as sacred. He purified me and freed me from sin. As a sanctified person, I am blessed, hallowed, and anointed. I am made holy, for I have been consecrated (set apart as sacred)

I am set free...God has released me, liberated me. I am not a slave, to my sinful nature, to the world, or to the devil. I have been given personal liberty. God released me from bondage; He delivered me.

Now for the tough question? Am I living like I am saved, sanctified, and set free?

I am saved at one point in my life. I am sanctified throughout the rest of my life. I am set free for the rest of my life.

Do I act like I am saved? Do I live in fear or do I have a spirit of power, love, and self-discipline (2nd Tim. 1:7). Now that I am saved, do I return to the danger I've been rescued from?

Am I being sanctified? Is my behavior holy? Am I set apart for God or am I polluting myself with the garbage of the world (garbage in this case being media that does not direct my thoughts to God).

Am I living like I'm set free? Am I still obeying my sinful nature, the world, or the devil, even though Jesus has freed me? The door is unlocked, but did I exit the room?

What does the life of a person saved, sanctified, and set free look like?

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