Monday, June 25, 2012

Ways to Be an Answer to Prayer

I read the Book of Common Prayer. I love it. I love the connectedness of it. I love the cadence of it. I love the celebration of God in ways I would not of have thought of. I love the community of it. Now, I'm not always big on community (which is one reason why there will be a blog forthcoming on the importance of Christian community). Even though I'm a little iffy on community, I began to view community in a positive light with the Book of Common Prayer.

A lot of people pray. Some more than others. We want God to answer our prayers. God uses His children to answer prayers. How can we become an answer to prayer (ours or others)?

At the end of each month, the Book of Common Prayer gives 5 tips on being and becoming the answer to our prayers.

Do you have a little extra money each month (after tithing) that can get food to give to a hungry person who is praying for God to meet their needs?

Can you be a friend to a lonely person who is praying for someone to talk to each week?

Praying to end poverty? Can you donate to a poverty-fighting group?

Ask how you can help those who are struggling.
Do something without expecting payment in return.
Say “please” and “thank you.”
Set aside one day each month to put yourself in another’s shoes-who has less food, money, transportation, or freedom.
Cut back on your spending.
Take care of the earth: plant, don’t litter, conserve.
Help those who ask for it.
Get involved with organizations that help the poor of other countries.
Turn off the noise.
Visit with the lonely.
Perform a random act of kindness.
Learn where you get your food, clothes, or stuff from and the conditions in that place. Pray for the people there.
Pray for change.
Pray for leaders.
Pray to be acting in God’s plan.
Take a break from convenience items and remember those who don’t have them.
Donate items.
Challenge the status quo.
Leave your comfort zone.
Ask for forgiveness.
Give forgiveness.
Tell people how they have helped you.
Revel in nature.

Many of the monthly tips given by the authors involve being intentional about how we live our lives. They involve waiving a typical convenience in order to remember those who don´t have as much as we do.

What are other ways to intentionally live in faith?

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