Saturday, June 30, 2012

Most Important Moment?

If you had to pinpoint the most important moment in Jesus´ life...what would it be? Can His important events be separated from each other?

What is the most important moment in Jesus' life?

-His virgin conception?
-His birth?
-His teaching at the temple?
-His baptism?
-His temptation?
-His crucifixion?
-His resurrection?
-His ascension?
-His second coming?

I would probably say His crucifixion and resurrection. Many people were born, baptized, and tempted. Many people taught and died. But only Jesus died for our sins *and* rose from the dead.

What are your thoughts?


  1. I can only think that when we, as repentant sinners, seek salvation, and Jesus declares to God that we have been made worthy to be accepted as joint heirs with him due to the precious blood that He shed for us, and He knows that He is loved and that His sacrifice was not in vain ... that is His most important moment. Dad G.