Sunday, November 16, 2014

A Snapshot of Gentry Life in Costa Rica: Fourth Quarter

Our last quarter in Costa Rica flew by...and we've been back in the States for almost two months I figured that I should post some pictures of our last quarter in Costa Rica.

We are an international group at SENDAS. Liz became friends with an Italian professor who was here teaching Spanish

Yeah, I love this guy

My mother-in-law & parents visited us in Costa Rica!!

We saw the beach together

It's easy to see the beauty of God's creation in Costa Rica.

We got to show our parents our world

We took our parents to our English class(es)

Our off-campus English Class

We showed them the sights

We held toucans!!

It was wonderful to spend quality time with our folks!

We showed them waterfalls.

One night we shared our testimonies at a local youth group, right after a guitar lesson.

Samples of Costa Rican money 10,000=$20 (top right), 5 mil (5,000)=$10 (top left), 2000=$4 (bottom right), 1000=$2 (bottom left)
Luke's video conferencing equipment

Our church prayed for us before we left

Sometimes Spanish class & cooking class aren't different classes

Luke taught an advanced English class

Here we are with our 3 Spanish professors.

Spanish Professors, Spanish Students, Spanish Program Director

We said goodbye to our friends/co-workers at SENDAS

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