Thursday, March 20, 2014

Singing the Praises of....Memverse

There is a site called Memverse. (Click the link to be taken to the site).

It is designed to help Christians memorize Scripture. Memverse uses mnemonic devices to help you memorize Scripture easier.

For example, if you want to memorize Genesis 1:1, you would see: "I.t.b.G.c.t.h.a.t.e.". Then you would type "In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth." as the program gives you feedback on each word you type.

You can check your accuracy (type the verse based just on the reference to check for errors).

You can verify you know the Scripture location (see the verse & type the location to verify you know the book, chapter, and verse tags).

You can also learn new verses (by typing the verse as the computer takes away one word at a time, until you are typing from memory).

Memverse tracks when you will study the verse again, based on how confident you feel in your knowledge of it.

So I'm sold on Memverse after 5 days. Why should you sign up?? Here are my best top 10 reasons!

10 Reasons to Use Memverse
1. It's free.
2.You can learn the memory verse through mnemonic devices.
3. You can practice matching verses with their references. (No more: "it's somewhere in the Bible")
4. You can check your accuracy. (No more: "I think I'm not adding or subtracting words to this verse.)
5. You can select your preferred translation for memorization, more or less. If they don't have your favorite, you can request it!!
6. You can review entire passages & chapters together to verify you are linking them together correctly.
7. You can have members of your church or other groups join & have a friendly competition in memory verses!
8. Memverse tracks your progress, so you don't have to do so yourself!
9. It saves trees, because you don't have to have tangible cards to study. (Ok, I do have tangible cards, so I can study in other places & without my computer.)
10. It's an encouragement. You can see that other people have memorized their 10th, 25th, 1000th verses, entire chapters or books, on the recent activity of the home page. How epic is that?

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