Saturday, November 30, 2013

30 Blessings (aka 30 Reasons for Thankfulness)

Like all those people on facebook, I like to reflect in November about the reasons I have to be thankful, but I prefer to show it as one lump sum list instead of each day. You might notice that most of my reasons to be thankful have something to do with our mission trip in Costa Rica.

  1. Our families support our call to missions/ministry and our mission trip.
  2. We have this opportunity for our year-long mission trip.
  3. We have no debt so we can do things like this trip.
  4. We have a plethora of supporters back in the States. (We send over 400 newsletters each month! Who knew that we knew so many people?!?!)
  5. We have a church family here that patiently speaks with us and loves us.
  6. We have internet access and Skype to connect with our family and friends.
  7. I have a husband who is a believer and is missions-minded.
  8. We have a wonderful Spanish teacher here.
  9. We have patient Spanish-speakers to converse with.
  10. We sing (Spanish) songs at our church that we know the English equivalent songs.
  11. We are 75% funded.
  12. We live in an environment of generosity and the sharing of food.
  13. We see beautiful sunsets almost daily.
  14. Our parents are letting us use their homes as storage units.
  15. Our apartment and home is furnished, so we didn't need to buy or bring lots of heavy stuff here.
  16. I get more exercise here, because we walk most places...or take the bus & then walk.
  17. I get to eat homemade flour tortillas with cinnamon sugar of deliciousness.
  18. We get to eat more healthy foods since fruits & veggies are super cheap.
  19. Tea. How I love you.
  20. We don't have food allergies.
  21. We don't have major illnesses.
  22. We receive our salvation through God's grace and Christ's sacrifice, not by our works.
  23. I have a kindle.
  24. I have friends who support, encourage, and bring laughs.
  25. I'm thankful for the color blue.
  26. We have good relationships with our in-laws.
  27. We get a weekly Sabbath rest
  28. We have Bible(s) in English
  29. We have enough food to eat each day.
  30. We can openly practice our faith.
Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good; His love endures forever. (Psalm 107:1)

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