Sunday, October 27, 2013

My Testimony-How I Came to Faith in Christ

What is your testimony? What is your story? If someone asked you why you were a Christian or how you became a Christian, what would be your answer?

This is my story. This is my testimony. I hope it will be an encouragement to you.

I grew up in a Christian home. Sometime during middle school I decided to live my life for Jesus. Also during middle school, I got a call to missions. Don't ask me how I knew it, I just knew it was true beyond a shadow of a doubt. I was excited and passionate, but then I got scared.

I thought that there might be a future day on the mission field where I would be spiritually empty and couldn't do God's work on my own. So I told God that He was wrong, He couldn't use me in long-term missions. So I proverbially sat down and waited for God to tell me His new plan for my life. During this time, I went on several week-long mission trips, because God could use me for a week, He just was wrong about long-term missions.

It turns out that God can out-wait any human, including me. It turns out that God did not answer my question of whether I would marry my hubby, UNTIL I realized that God wasn't joking about my call to missions.

You know what? There will be days (many many days) on the mission field where I'll be empty and can't do God's work on my own. That's because I'm not supposed to do it alone, I'm supposed to do it with God.

What's your story?

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