Friday, March 8, 2013

Exploring the Commandments Part 11-Specific People or Region

For the backstory of what this blog series is on and why it has been written, check out part 1 and part 2 of the series. The original list of all 613 commandments in their textual order that I used came from the site Hebrew4Christians. <> 
Some commandments apply to specific people. If you are interesting in completing a Nazarite vow, check out the commandments describing it. Priests had their own specific rules (and a commandment to respect them). The Jews were commanded to sacrifice at the Temple. Since the temple was destroyed, no one can sacrifice any more). While many Christians view many of the dietary restrictions to be outdated, they still have merit. Such as the commandment to not be a drunk or a glutton. 
  # 18 Commandments Concerning Specific People or Region: When I sorted the commandments, I came up with 186 about Specific People or Region. I further divided them into the following categories: Nazarite Vow, Priests, Temple, Offerings/Sacrifices, Dietary Concerns.

1.    # 18.1 Commandments Concerning the Nazarite Vow: When I sorted the commandments, I came up with 10 about the Nazarite Vow.
       A)    If doing the Nazarite vow, follow these guidelines (Num. 6)

2.    # 18.2 Commandments Concerning Priests: When I sorted the commandments, I came up with 82 about Priests.        A)    Respect and honor priests (Lev. 21:8)       B)    If a priest, follow these guidelines (Exo. 25-30, Lev. 6-7, 10, 16, 21-22, etc)

3.    # 18.3 Commandments Concerning the Temple: When I sorted the commandments, I came up with 8 about the Temple.        A)    Sacrifice only at the Temple. Don’t sacrifice elsewhere (Deut .12:26, Lev. 17:4)       B)    Jesus was the ultimate sacrifice

4.    # 18.4 Commandments Concerning Offerings/Sacrifices: When I sorted the commandments, I came up with 62 about the Offerings/Sacrifices.       A)    Don’t sacrifice anywhere you want to (see Temple) (Deut. 12:13)

5.    # 18.5 Commandments Concerning Dietary Concerns: When I sorted the commandments, I came up with 24 about the Dietary Concerns.       A)    Don’t be a drunk, glutton, or live-animal-eater. (Lev. 19:26)
       B)    Many of the food requirements were altered by Jesus (that which defiles) and the Holy Ghost (take Peter, Kill and eat)

And somewhere, I lost 4 commandments. 609 total were counted.

Parsons, John J.. "Taryag Mitzvot 613 Commandments of Torah." Hebrew4Christians. Web. 2004. <>.

This sums up my exploration of the commandments. This was an very interesting study. I am very grateful for Mr. Parsons letting me use his list of all 613 commandments.

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