Wednesday, February 6, 2013

In Favor of Worship

I like a lot of the old hymns. I like semi-old hymns. I also like contemporary songs. In the great debate of what type of worship songs to have in church services, my answer is to not choose a category. I'm in favor of songs that worship God, not songs in a particular genre.

In my opinion, worshiping God isn't limited to one particular genre. He doesn't ONLY like being worshiped with hymns or contemporary songs. I think that our attitude in singing is one of the nice parts of worship. I think focusing on worship God, instead of which worship style is being used vs. my worship style preference, is what worship is about. If I only sing *my* favorite genre to worship God, I feel like I'm missing the point of worship.

Some of my favorite songs of worship are old hymns. (I define semi-old hymns are 100 or less years old. Old hymns are over 100 years old.) There is beauty in these old hymns, sung through the ages, by people seeking God. There is heritage and cadence present when I open my mouth to sing.

I didn't realize how much I enjoyed the old hymns until I started to pay attention to the dates of publication. Some songs I was surprised to learn how recently they were written. Other songs were from the 1400s or earlier.

One factor of choosing worship songs, is the attitude of the singer and the meaning of the song. There are great old hymns and great semi-old hymns, and great contemporary songs. There are also theologically unsound songs and songs full of platitudes in all categories.

I like songs that have heritage, that connect me with my family and my past.
     -Be Thou My Vision was sung at my parents' wedding.
     -Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing was sung at my sister's wedding.
     -How Great Thou Art was my Grandpa's favorite song.
     -It Is Well is the Gentry family song (and sung at my wedding).
     -an Amazing Grace remix is one of my first memories of BCM.

I do like re-vamping the old songs (i.e. singing to a guitar instead of a piano) sometimes.

If I had to list some of my favorite old hymns, what songs would make the top of the list of Liz?
     -Be Thou My Vision
     -In Christ Alone
     -Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing
     -Amazing Grace
     -Blessed Assurance
     -I Surrender All
     -All Creatures of Our God and King

What are some semi-old hymns and contemporary songs that I love?
     -How Great Thou Art
     -Wonderful Merciful Savior
     -And God Cried
     -Here I Am, Lord
     -Testify to Love-Wynonna Judd
     -Our God is Greater-Chris Tomlin
     -You Loved Me Anyway-Sidewalk Prophets
     -Desert Song-Hillsong
     -I Will Lift My Eyes-Bebo Norman

What types of worship songs do you like? Why? Can God be worshiped with other genres of worship songs?


  1. I think my favorite, which is now out of the Methodist hymnal, is "once to Every Man and Nation".

    1. I need to learn this song. I'm not familiar with it. Thanks for introducing me to it.